Monday, March 09, 2015

Comic Book Writing Tips From Matt Hawkins and Tom King

Matt Hawkins the publisher of Top Cow discusses the evolution of the company, from it's Darkness & Witchblade beginnings to the lean operation of today. Matt is a military tech enthusiast and uses that interest to inform his books like Wild fire and Think Tank, he also has a new cyber-caper heist story, The Tithe about cyber crimes at a Mega Church. Matt shares many writing tips, and lots of insight into today's comics market.

Tom King joins us to talk about Grayson, the DC book he co-writes wirth Tim Seeley, and gives us his impression of the recent DC talent summit in Burbank. Tom also tells us a bit about his plans for Teen Titans, co-written with Will Pfiefer and A revamp of The Omega Men 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Super Hero TV talk w Arrow's Marc Guggenheim & Greg Weissman Of Young Justice & Star Wars Rebels

Great chance to talk with 2 TV writer producers who are at the top of live action television and animation. Both will be at Long Beach Comic Expo this weekend and have great insight on the current superhero explosion television is experiencing.

Writer- Exec Producer Marc Guggenheim talks about Arrow Flash. Given the success of both shows, it's no surprise that it was annouced this week that the characters Atom, Professor Stein and Black Canary are being devolped for their own future CW TV series. NOTE- This conversation took place before the announcement , but Marc did give insight about the success of introducing these new characters and in theory about expanding the DCU TV universe on The CW.

Then, Animation Writer Exec Producer Greg Weissman looks back at Gargoyles, Young Justice, Spectacular Spider-Man, his current work with Star Wars Rebels, and the realities behind producing comic book/toy adaptaions for kids television. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Kelly Sue DeConnick On Bitch Planet Pretty Deadly Marvel & More - Art & Franco's Comic Empire keeps growing

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 Kelly Sue DeConnick talks about her Image books Bitch Planet and Pretty Deadly Her Marvel work and Women In Comics . Art & Franco talk about the Itty Bitty Universe Tiny Titans DC Super Pets Franco's Dino Mike book series and more !